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Digital Mapping, Tree Survey & Report Generating Software.

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David Winlo. B.Sc. (Hons) Arboriculture & Amenity Forestry
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Digital Mapping, Tree Survey & Report Generating Software.

With O/S Topography digital mapping, GPS positional plotting, a fully editable tree survey database, and reinspection date reminders, Mapscape keeps you on top of your tree survey and report writing timeframes.

Its not the new technology that's a problem, it's....

Being able to change old technology and habits to market conditions.

This combination of under performance, can be the restricting common denominator of business improvement, in a struggling economic situation and in important decision making.

Where time and customer service are highly valuable.

As an example, if you'd just recorded information on 160-trees for a Tree Survey, how long would it take you to produce the completed spreadsheet?

If you could complete this task in less than a minute with all the information accurately placed in the correct cell, would you like to include this is your workflow?

Benefits of Using the Right Technology:

- Produces Colour Coded Tree Condition / Risk Assessments Surveys
- Create BS 5837 Tree Surveys: for Single & Groups of trees with RPAs & TPF.
- Enables Tree Survey Reports as a Finished Product in less than a minute.
- Print to scale as PDFs with Background Mapping and insert your own logo.
- Includes GPS mapping technology for plotting sub-metre tree positions.
- Compatible with Dragon Speech to Text Dictation software
- Built in Ordnance Survey Topographical Layer.
- Import georeferenced DXF site plans direct to the mapping window.
- Plot hedges. Includes On-screen Vector drawing tools and export to KLM, GeoTIFF, DXF & PDF.

Harness the power of Mapscape data transfer > digital mapping and a tree surveying software product of real value, that gives you an irreplaceable Return on Investment.

How Much Does Mapscape Cost:

Special Offer price at £475.00 For use on one device for 1-Year.

£475.00 is a Special Offer discounted price to help get businesses moving, This offer ends 30th Sep 21 (Non-discounted price = £850.00).

Mapscape includes on-screen; step-by-step instructions that guides you through each tree surveying processes and digital mapping function to fit seamlessly in to your workflow from Day-1.

How to Get Started:

To find out more, Mapscape is available throughout this Virtual Conference on: 07983 645013 (9.00am - 6.00pm) to answer any questions you might have and to help get you started.

You can find out more by visiting:

If you'd would like see Mapscape Full Capabilities, then please phone or email to arrange a Zoom Call and  using screen share you will be able to see how Mapscape labour saving Arboricultural processes make tree surveying easier. 

Mapscape is designed in association with GiServices in North Wales, developed with assistance from the European Space Agency - Astropreneurs and is supported by Innovate UK Edge. 

Our Offers

Free for Student Grade Members of the Arboricultural Association.

We offer Free use of the Software to full-time education students who are Student Grade members of the Arboricultural Association.

Mapscape fits in with a variety Arboricultural educational courses.

Can significantly help improve Student grades and career opportunities, in learning valuable digital skills for todays Arboricultural Digital marketplace.

15% Discount for Members of the Arboricultural Association.

Mapscape offer members of the Arboricultural Association a 15% Special Offer Discount on the initial 1-Years purchase of £475.00

Where: 15% of £475.00 (=£71.25) = £403.75 – For use on one device.

(Available at the Checkout until the 30th Sep 21). 

Upgrade and Get Your Business Moving with Mapscape.

Use Mapscape Free for 30-Days.

We understand your time is valuable:

To help you get up and running, Mapscape digital mapping and tree survey software offers a 30-Days software evaluation for free.

The 30-Days starts after you've downloaded the software and only when you start saving tree survey data to the server.

The user friendly tree survey toolsets are easy to learn and labour saving in producing accurate tree survey site plans and reports.

Get full access to a state-of-the art Tree Survey toolset , to use on your Windows 10 Tablet to swiftly and accurately produce manage BS 5837, Tree Condition and Tree Risk Assessments.

There’s No commitment you can cancel at any time. No credit or debit card details are required.

Digital Tools That Makes Tree Surveying Easier

These tools are Downloadable within the 30-Day Free trial.

To find out more, why not book in a 15-minute Zoom Demo.