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Tree Reports

Tree reports | A leading resource to help improve skills & presentation

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Tree Reports

Tree reports | A leading resource to help improve skills & presentation

Tree Reports is by arborists for arborists facilitating excellence in report writing. It is a simple powerful helpful and reliable hybrid app and CRM  between Cedarwood Tree Consultants (, led by Arboricultural Consultant Mark Chester and Life Group ( Mark provides the arboricultural insight and Life Group the technical solutions and design. Mark has been working as an arboricultural consultant for more than two decades, and with Life Group since 2015. Life Group is an award-winning full-service digital agency built on the principles of Ethics and Excellence. At Life Group we now have an exciting range of products and services designed to significantly help forward-thinking companies and organisations at affordable prices.

These reports are set up to help you succeed. Laid out in a simple clear manner they contain everything you need to get started on delivering quality tree reports for BS5837 2012 and more. At home, in the office or in the field. Our systems work with you to help you capture what you need when you need it. Mark says: "

When I am on site, my time is valuable.  I can write brief notes faster than I can type.  However, I can speak faster than I write.  Tree Reports App converts my spoken words in to text, either in Word or PDF, making typing up site notes much quicker and easier.

I work with arborists (tree surgeons) who often need tree reports for TPO submissions.  It takes time to make notes and convert them to a technical statement to send to the appropriate authorities.  I can do this for them, but I still need the information.

Tree Reports enables you, the surveyor, the arborist, the tree surgeon, the record your thoughts, notes, even a quotation or an aide memoire.  It’s simple to use, and you can focus on what matters to you." 

You can combine this with SPHR (Simple, Practical, Helpful, Reliable). This is a CRM system that Life Group has built to help clients manage their operations in the GDPR world.  It is a platform where you can store client details in a single location that is safe but also accessible.  

No more phone calls from clients chasing a specific report as you leave the office or you trying to remember a key detail on-site such as when consent to prune a tree is due.  Each client has their own login and can access whatever they, whenever they need.  You control what a client sees in their folder.  Also issues and tracks invoices.  Works with QuickBooks and Xero.

You can use our standard system designed for arborists, or have it adapted for your own use.

SPHR can be adapted for your data management whatever your requirements.

The Journey. Developing a good tree report can be a challenge.  Sometimes, even starting is daunting, the blank sheet waiting for inspiration.  For those working alone, there might not even be a mentor.  I organised peer reviews of reports for members of the Consulting Arborist Society, and soon realised that some reports needed further work.  I was providing similar feedback to authors and began to put my thoughts together, assembling parameters to help others.  This became a series of weekly thoughts and observations, the journey to excellence in report writing.  I was aided by attending several seminars on the skills of writing reports.

We now have a vehicle where tree consultants, both aspiring and those with experience, can learn, journey together and share thoughts, experiences and questions.  Each week, another part of The Journey is shared on-line.  At the start of each month, we are joined by Shai Patel of ICON Business Support.  Shai brings several decades’ experience in business development and will share his thoughts on themes relevant to the business owner.  Depending on the option you take, mentoring is available.


The Journey

A Journey to Excellence in Report Writing

Basic Level: The Journey – Weekly blog on key elements to consider both when putting together a professional report and running a business.  Cost £10 per month [12 months already written]


Standard: Webinar support – Participate in a monthly webinar where Business Development Specialist Shai Patel and Arboricultural Consultant Mark Chester answer your questions and explore some of the challenges we can face.  Includes on-going discussion forum. Cost £15 per month


Premium: More personal support – A one hour tutorial with Shai Patel on a quarterly basis and a peer review of up to two reports within a 12 month period. Cost £25 per month.

All prices are subject to a minimum of 12 months’ membership.  All prices are VAT exempt.


‘Thank you for the material thus far.  It has really got me thinking.  I explained the full planning process to a client who then asked me to provide the full report.  The additional cost from this one job has covered my fees’. John, Suffolk.

Contact: Mark Chester, 01981 570426, 07888 838360.

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