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Native Arb

Innovators of practicality & safety in Arb.

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Native Arb

Innovators of practicality & safety in Arb.

At Native Arb we simply believe your Arb gear shouldn’t cut any corners; it should be designed specifically for the industry, tough enough to cope with life in the forest and where possible, have a killer colour too. Everything we do at Native is focused on practicality & safety, creating a better environment for arborists.

Our first product the Native Personal Bleed Control Kit was built very much with this mantra in mind. The Native Kit fully meets the HSE guidelines for forestry and arboricultural workers but also offers much, much more.

It is the only 100% (IPX6 Rated) waterproof kit which fits universally on all harness types and is compact enough to actively work with unhindered. It is also extremely durable; so no matter the environment or the task at hand, you can keep your kit where it needs to be - on your person at all times. After extensive consultation with arboriculture and medical professionals we focused on creating a kit which was truly fit for purpose; containing a one metre long haemostatic dressing - perfectly sized for an arb related injury and avoiding all the medical issues and impracticalities of loose granules. A robust CAT Tourniquet and an innovative large wound dressing with a foolproof pressure applicator - no fumbling here when seconds matter. For full details of kit contents check out our show special listing and get your Native Kit now !

This year we've been busy again at Native HQ sketching, concepting, planning and making. To stay in the loop and have the first look at our all new range to be released in autumn this year you'll want to subscribe here ...

We’re always happy to work with others, if your in training, retail or anywhere else, drop us a line and we'll see what we can do!

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Discover the best personal bleed kit available on the market. Compact, waterproof and practical with an outstanding durability.  A potential life saver; in the event of a severe injury typical of those caused in forestry and arb environments. 


1 x C.A.T tourniquet 1 x 1 metre long Haemostatic Gauze 1 x Military Field Dressing 10 x 19cm 1 x Resuscitation-Aid 1 x Gloves (Pair) 1 x Tuffcut Scissors (Optional)