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Welcome to our page!

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Welcome to our page!

fully-comprehensive system, essential for efficient data collection, inventory analysis and maintenance of trees and outdoor assets. Fully customisable throughout all modules, including tree, TPO and asset surveys, risk and amenity value calculations, works order scheduling, budgeting, contractor management, processing enquiries. Unlimited user-definable report templates for analysis. 

The system is Cloud-based and accessible from web and conventional interfaces on desktop and mobile. Android, Apple iOS and Windows are all supported for data collection offering a good range of devices to choose from.

Digital mapping is used to identify the location of surveyed trees, TPO’s and assets; works with all major GIS mapping formats. Thanks to the use of our SmartSync technology anyone working in the field has full access to all trees/assets/TPOs and mapping at all times with or without an internet connection. 

Ezytreev can be integrated with several applications including client’s CRM systems, an example of this is FixMyStreet. This integrated solution makes it easier for residents to report the problems and for councils to manage the enquiries and to provide a streamlined, consistent response to residents.

Ezytreev is designed to be incorporated into a wide range of tree or assets management scenarios. It is largely used by local authorities such as county, city and borough councils and their contractors, and also by other large-scale tree managers including housing associations, universities, water companies, zoos and large independent consultancies.

Major application areas:
• Trees & greenery
• Tree preservation orders
• Landscape and grounds maintenance
• Street furniture and lighting
• Outdoor asset management
• Play/sport equipment & facilities
• Parks & woodlands
• Coastal areas

 Ezytreev offers instantly accessible support and training resources: EzyUserGuide with manuals, training notes, news and a community forum. Provision of bespoke online training is available to refresh your employee’s existing knowledge or introduce new users to the system.

A free demo app - Ezytreev on-site can be downloaded from the AppStore or Google Play. Online software demonstrations can be arranged on requirement. For more information please visit: or contact: 0330 223 1133,, we are happy to chat.

Ezytreev is developed by RA Information systems, a software and IT providing firm with more than 30-year experience and more than 120 sites trusting Ezytreev.  All the data is hosted, stored and backed-up in the UK, with data centres recently switched to 100% renewable energy.

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